Cat Equipment Oil, Coolant and Fuel Analysis

Scheduled Oil Sampling

Oil Analysis
You can rely on Puckett Machinery Company’s Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) services to give you accurate sample interpretations based on Caterpillar's testing protocol for oil analysis.
• Wear metal concentrations are monitored for component wear and contaminant levels
• Oil additive packages evaluated for depletion
• Particle counts identify system contaminants
• Check for entry of fuel, water, coolant, and dirt
• Minor problems detected before they become catastrophic failures

Coolant Analysis
Monitor the condition of your cooling systems to help prevent heat-related breakdowns.
• Check total dissolved solids concentrations, coolant and Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA) levels
• Measure coolant levels
• Monitor foaming characteristics
• Note unusual odors

Fuel Analysis
Determine the condition of your diesel fuel to help maintain your equipment's performance and productivity.
• Check for water, dirt and bacterial contaminants
• Determine flash point and API gravity
• Wear metal and oil additive analysis identifies the presence of engine oil in the fuel system

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