Machining and Hydraulic Services

Machining and Hydraulic

At Puckett Machinery we offer you a full range of expert machine shop services. We offer:
• Complete hydraulic cylinder rod or tube fabrication
• Design and engineering
• General boring, surfacing, and turning practices
• Precision surface grinding
• Welding and fabrication

We’re able to re-rod and re-tube hydraulic cylinders at a reduced cost compared to new or remanufactured—saving you time and money. Now you can salvage parts that would normally be replaced: valve bodies, final drive hubs, pump faces, shafts.

We also offer metal spray – build up of worn or damaged surface to get the second life out of your component.

For all your machining and hydraulic services needs, look no further than Puckett Machinery.

Contact your Puckett Machinery Product Support Sales Representative today to learn more.

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